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Sudoku2PDF Pro is a program generates PDF documents containing Sudoku puzzles
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Sudoku2PDF Pro is a program that will generate PDF documents containing Sudoku puzzles, that you can then print.
This way, you will be able to solve the sudoku puzzles on paper. If you make many mistakes, and your printed copy becomes unusable, you can print a fresh new copy from the PDF document.

This program can generate both Standard and Samurai Sudoku puzzles. It allows to accommodate up to 4 standard puzzles in a sheet, or a single samurai puzzle. If you choose to generate Standard Sudoku puzzles, you have the option to print "candidates" in your PDF document. "Candidates" are the numbers that you can place on empty places of the puzzle, according to the Sudoku rules (no equal numbers in the same row, column, or grid), calculated from the numbers already present in the puzzle.

For Standard or Samurai games, Sudoku2PDF Pro allows to generate puzzles that can challenge the user with six different levels of difficulty, ranging from Very Easy to Extreme Sudoku.

The demo version of this program will print just one page. This limitation will be removed if you register the program

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